Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yellow and Orange

Hi crafty people!

I have two more pages to share from my squeeze kit, I know, it's crazy how fast these are coming together.
I did have a little break from the kit tonight and finished up something else I had already started. I don't want to get tired of it. While finishing that other page I came up with an idea for my next kit page!

So here is the first one...

This is not my favourite page but it is growing on me. I sometimes find it a little tricky to work with colour photos when the children wear so many colours! Anyways, do you like that tshirt I made the kid, look at that super old ribbon I used up on there, and those stamps I love those ki stamps. She made the name tag,  I can take no credit for that. The page is about science day but more kinda about the fact that she went with her choice of what she wanted to be and it was not the same as what everyone else did. I love that.

This one came together really easily, about my baby and how she makes me look at everything like I have never seen it before.  She makes me slow down to look at  the wonder that is the learning hero cape.

I'm off to bed now, school holidays continue tomorrow, wish me luck.
No actually, wish me patience, that is way more helpful.

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