Thursday, October 18, 2012

Challenge Me Happy #32

Hi All!

So who's up for  a challenge? Do you need a bit of a push to get something done and not just sit and stare. Well I have a great one for you. This fortnight at Challenge Me Happy we have a great photo inspiration challenge. Oh I love these ones. I think it's because everybody interprets photos differently, what speaks to me, is not what speaks to you right.

So here's the photo:

Lovely huh! I knew you'd like it. It's all festive and happy.
The first thing that struck me is the colours, I love kinda slightly off primary colours and I scrapbook a lot with them and then the strings, I like the strings.

To this is what I came up with:

To incorporate the string inspiration I used the sewing machine to sew white strings across the page - super easy! I love using my old faithful kraft when I'm using a mix of colours and patterns it just seems to complement and not compete.

Then I just added bits and bobs of colours, pops here and there, all scraps. I am the super scrap user, I do collect them but I actually use them too. That bit of scalloped green poking up is some really old prima packaging. One thing I really like about my kinda off primary colour collection of papers is they never really date, I never have trouble adding to the collection and they all seem to work together. After looking at this page properly I realised that excluding the title all of those papers are at least 2 years old. They are my old favourite's especially the scenic route. RIP scenic route, I miss you.

So that is my page. Fancy joining in.... you really should.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The most mucked up few weeks ever...

Oh my goodness, it seems like the universe is conspiring against my PL.
I have been three, yes three times to get my photo's printed and each time there was a problem.
Who knew getting the actual photos was going to be so stressful.

The week I am sharing this week is not in the correct order, the week inbetween is still missing  a couple of photos, see above conspiracy.

I'm trying out something new this week and sharing photos of each pocket individually. A couple of friends and family members have mentioned they couldn't see enough detail so I am trying it out. It does make for a crazy long post but let me know what you think.

I am hoping to play catch up this week and get that odd week that is taunting me done so I can get back to my happy place with my PL. I have started making my Christmas presents so I really do need to keep  my momentum up. Happy crafting.

Have a blessed day

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Challenge Me Happy Challenge #31

Hi all!

So for Challenge #31 there are no excuses, not one that I can think of.
The challenge for this fortnight is "Anything Goes". See what I mean, no excuse. So gather those supplies together and go for it and whatever you create, share with us and you can win a lovely prize.

Come on over to the blog and see what the design team came up with.
Here is my page....

I had a real hard time with photographing this one, the camera did not know what to do with all those patterns and then the black and grey but you get the idea.

I used my Silhouette to cut the background which I think is totally awesome and then popped in stripes of the Echo Park Everyday Eclectic Papers (love this collection, love Alison Kreft). I did the title on the Silhouette too, I just love this kind of bold roundy typography. This came together pretty quick and I had to make myself say, now that's enough, because the background has a fair amount of impact.
Did you notice I used two lots of pink patterned papers on this? On a page with Jamie in it? I find if your other elements are kinda masculine, like the arrows and the grey and black it all works out ok.

So now you have seen mine, I want to see yours.
Get busy!

Have a great day