Thursday, July 3, 2014

3 in the bed or 24 books

Hi Scrapbookers!

I'm sharing a page today about Sophia and her sleeping/non sleeping patterns.
I actually did the page a few weeks ago and it's been sitting in my "need to journal" tub for a bit, I realised that I hadn't left enough room in the space above to photo to write all that I needed to. You know what is great for that - Project Life cards! So I found three that went with the colour scheme and I chopped the bottoms off a little so they would fit better. 


Sophia, you don't have an easy time sleeping and you have all of these rituals associated with going to bed. You have grown out of some of them but you still have quite a few. You always have at least three soft toys - in this case Addy, Sophia the first and another random bear. You always have a huge stack of books. I'm not sure what they are for, they are not so useful in the dark.

You used to have an awful time going to sleep and you used to try and keep the other girls awake, so you would have some company but you don't do that so much anymore.You seem to be able to go to sleep ok now but staying asleep is sometimes problematic. You have always had big and bad dreams and they have now grown into night terrors. Hopefully this will be a phase that passes too, it's the price to pay for having such a wonderful imagination.

Recently, Olivia went on her first sleepover, I was thinking about how she would handle it and how she would cope. It hadn't occured to me that you would be bothered by it. I asked you what was wrong and you said "But Olivia's in charge...". You had come to rely on Olivia as part of your sleep comfort. I told you that tonight you could be in charge and you did great, no bad dreams or terrors. Hooray!

See all that blabbering on, that so would not have fitted in that space! But I wanted in on there, because things change so quickly and she won't always do this and I want to remember.

Have a blessed day

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