Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My little girl teaching me the big lessons

Good morning scrappy people!

This page was kind of an emotional one for me... you know those times when the emotions creep up and overwhelm you and you are totally blindsided and are all like where the heck did that come from.
Well this page was like that.
I started working on it and it took me three or four times to get the journaling finished.
Even though it was kind of hard I am so pleased I have it done and the story down.

I used the Thursday sketch from Elle's Studio as my jumping off point:

And here is my page:

I will include my journaling here:

While walking to school with your sisters on Thursday we were talking about lots of general things. You said to me “Will we be getting a new home too Mum?” Since the earthquakes many of our friends have gotten new homes and some have moved away. It’s hard for you to understand because our home is damaged, that actually no we don’t get a new one. For a minute there I felt bad for you, that perhaps you were missing out, just then you slipped your hand in mine and said “I love our life Mum”. I fort back the tears and managed to squeak out “Me too, lovely”.
It’s been tough the last few years but my heart is just so full of love and pride for you. You have the most beautiful spirit, don’t ever be afraid to let it show. Thank you for lifting me up Lela. Love Mama xx

My little girl teaching me the big lessons.
Gosh I love her.

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  1. lovely journalling, very touching story

  2. Absolutely wonderful story and layout. What a treasure!

  3. Gorgeous layout, and it is so wonderful when we can journal about those little moments in life that actually hold a lot of meaning to us.