Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunday morning

Hi my crafty people...

Wow is cold here today, the sun is out a little so it doesn't look freezing, but I assure you it is freezing.
I haven't had a lot of time today but I wanted to get this page finished up so I could share it, I just had the journaling and last bits to do. 

This page is about what we call Sunday morning music appreciation, where my littliest girl sits with her Dad and they watch you tube music videos together. 

I love using the project life cards on regular layouts, I do this a lot, let's face it I'm never going to use them all up. I stopped buying them ages ago and they seem to just appear like gremlins. I really like the colours of this page.


Every Sunday morning, you and Dad sit and watch you tube music videos together. You listen to your favourites - it was Bruno Mars (monkeys) and Katy Perry (roar) until you had seen Frozen. Now you want to watch 'let it go' over and over. Because he is a good Daddy he sits through it over and over. Daddy sometimes tries out a new song and you and you will say 'Ah, no'. It cracks me up. This is where we will find you every Sunday morning.

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I hope your day is going great

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