Friday, January 16, 2015

January Major Case File

Hi Scrapbookers!

I am back from holiday and what an awesome break it was, filled with sunshine and friends and family. Wow I needed that change of pace and change of scenery. But now I'm back and full of energy and passion for this craft, let's do this! I have the children home for the next three weeks but will be taking time where I can, are you feeling super enthusiastic or a little blah? Either way you should take a look you just might want to get involved.

Today I wanted to share with you the Major Case File from CSI

I loved the grumpy cat inspiration! Did you see the grumpy cat Christmas movie that was on just before Christmas? hilarious! My husband thought it was awful, shows how much he knows. Small fluffy sarcastic things are hilarious.

The colours for this challenge were great, fortunately I found all of them (or close to) in this Teresa Collins collection. 

One of the testimony options this time was 'journal about a birthday mishap'... I had to jump right on that as this disaster was so fresh in my mind from Gabby's birthday in early December. First I mucked up the cake by leaving out the cake pops and I was so cross at myself but I had resigned to just using the cake anyway as it was going to be just too wasteful to make another for no good reason but my obvious failure. Gabby  could feel my pain and put it all right for me by walking past and taking a large handful of the cake, thus making it unusable, I simply had to make another. 

I flipped the sketch on it's side to make it more usable for my single photograph and it came together quickly. From the evidence I used the sprinkle something and the cupcake (stamp).

So how about it? Want to give it a go? You have until the 31st January to get it done, if you do feel free to hook me up with a link on here, you tube or on CSI. There are some great prizes too, who doesn't love prizes.

So happy to be back!
Hope you are having a fab day