Monday, November 3, 2014

CSI Case File No. CC-3

Good Morning!

Today I want to share a page and video with you that I did for CSI (

The Case this week looked like this:

and my page looks like this:

My main colours are the white and the brown but I did manage to use them all quite a bit.
From the evidence I used the feathers and string and an overall nature theme.
I journaled about nature in my handwriting and I also used the inspirational word 'outside' in my title.

My journaling: The best toy ever is called outside. My girls are always outside, I don't know if they are just made that way or simply because they have always been encouraged to spend time out and about in the sunshine or the rain. I love that they are out climbing trees, digging holes, exploring and being marveled by nature. Nature is awesome.

If you would like to see my process video for this page you can find it below:

Thanks so much for coming by
Have a fab day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Day!

Hi guys!

I'm so excited to announce today that I have been selected to join the CSI design team. WAHOOOOOO! I really love CSI and I am beyond thrilled. It is my favourite place to hangout and be challenged and I think Debbi does a truly wonderful job. It's quite different from a lot of challenge sites and it has a lot of things that make it special but of course it really is the people. It's always the people.

So you will be seeing some more challenges from me! If you haven't already come on over, you really should, it might just be a perfect fit for you too.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Monday, September 22, 2014

A little family adventure...

Hi Scrapbookers! 

How is your crafting going? I am so loving the challenges at CSI this month, so fun and super inspiring! The colour scheme is just beautiful. This is my third week guest designing for CSI and my favourite challenge so far..

The topic is 'journal about an adventure' so I decided to journal about this train trip we went on which the girls enjoyed so much.

From the evidence I used: stripes (background), wood/woodgrain (used woodgrain paper and wood dots), hearts (I embossed a heart stamp) and I also used some twine.

My journaling: Today we had a little family adventure at Ferrymead. Over the summer on some weekends they run the steam trains. The girls had never been before and thought it was the most wonderful way to travel.

The girls were fascinated that there were no seat belts and they enjoyed the freedom of being able to climb up and look out the window or walk across the cabin and sit with Dad. They are already asking to go again this summer.

Close ups:

Process Video:

Thanks for coming by today!
Have a blessed day

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reluctant BFFS

Hi my Scrapbookers!

Happy Saturday!
Today I am sharing my second page that I am making for my guest designer spot at CSI.
Here is the case:

Such a great case and with the bonus of it being a sketch week. I really enjoy Emma's sketches, I love that I can make them as simple or complex as I like by adding or taking away.

Here is my page... featuring the lovely Olivia and the handsome Scholes:

When I saw the black/white and yellow/lime green combination I knew right away that I was going to reach for my Amy Tangerine Plus One collection as it included all of those colours. Then I used the light blue as a minor accent colour.

The topic is 'document something special about pets/animals' and I knew these photos that I had printing a few weeks ago, would be great to tell the story of this relationship.

From the evidence I used: clouds (I used these in my top right cluster and underneath the blue everyday arrow and I also used an animal accent (the black cat face)

My journaling: 
Scholes isn't always the most trustworthy of cats. He swipes, sometimes bites and is at times bad tempered.  Rightly so the girls don't trust him. He still wants them to love him though and play with him but he doesn't make the connection. Olivia gives him the most chances but she is still cautious. 
Liv was outside on the picnic table writing in her notebook and Scholes just wouldn't leave her alone. Liv isn't even aware that they are best friends but I'm sure that's what Scholes thinks.

If you would like to see how the page came together and my thought process behind it please watch my process video:

Thanks for coming by... now go and find a pet photo and come join us!
Have a wonderful weekend

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hi Scrapbookers!

Guess what? Fabulous news this month I am a Special Investigator (Guest Designer) for

This website and community is truly one of the best scrapbooking places on the internet. The challenges really do suit me, with their three way approach but it wasn't just the challenges that kept coming me back. The community is so positive and supportive it really is quite a unique place. If you haven't tried CSI out I urge you to go on over and see what you think. You can follow me along this month with my four challenges, I am hoping to have a process video for each so you can see a little look into how my CSI challenges come together.

Here is the Challenge:

and here is my page:

A few closeups and a link to my process video:

Process Video:

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lovely Day

Good Morning Scrapbookers!

How is your crafting going? I must say I have been a little bit flat in August, just haven't felt my normal self, I have still made quite a few pages but my normal focus hasn't been there. So Goodbye August, September and I are going to be much better friends. It already sounds better because here in NZ, September = spring and we all know after a long winter how much you look forward to spring.

I saw this wonderful sketch over at Creative Scrappers and I really wanted to squeeze it into August and finish on a good note.

Here is the sketch:

 and here is my page:

And some closeups:

Thanks for coming by...
I hope what ever you are up to today is wonderful.
Take care

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everyday Phia

Hi Guys...

How is your week going? Mine has been really good but busy so far. Today and tomorrow are far more relaxed so I am hoping to get some more crafting done. My level of crafting during the day is directly related to this:
whether this small person has a sleep or not. Some days I win, some days she wins. Today is looking good though because she didn't have a nap yesterday! Fingers crossed.

I do have a page to share today, it is one I  made using my Scrap Stash Kit Club Kit. This is a kit you pull together with your own supplies. I also used a sketch for this page from Let's get Sketchy. I love to join in on their challenges where I can.

Here is the page:

and you can find the process video here:

Thanks so much for coming by today! I hope you have a wonderful crafty day.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cherish the bubbles

Hi Crafty people!

Do you have a stack of pages that need to be journaled on? Oh my gosh I sure do. I can rarely journal at the same time that I create the page because my brain doesn't work that way. The funny thing is I know the story I want to tell but I just can't get it out at the same time.

Sometimes I get concerned when I see the pile growing and growing but I do know that in one afternoon I can get them all done. I love to write but I have to be in the right frame of mind. This page had been doing the rounds on my desk for a while.... today I got the story in and I am hoping it will start a roll and I can get through my pile.

It's finally starting to warm up a little here in NZ which is such a relief... a little over the winter and this afternoon the girl's are all outside playing... they haven't been able to do that for months. We are all so happy about it, I forgot how much easier it is in the warmer months. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day

P.S. The biggest one just came in and asked me for a pickle jar to play with in the garden (they are making a bug hotel? I didn't ask for elaboration) I was like YES you can totally have a pickle jar.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Pyjamas

Hi Scrapbookers....

Well August is totally getting away from me... I have been so busy with general life and also crafting away.
I have done quite a few layouts with my homemade kit and I hope to share them over the next few days.

Today's share is a page I did for a sketch challenge over at Let's get Sketchy. It's for August week 2.

Here is the sketch...
As you can see I didn't wander very far from the original at all... such a great sketch

I also made a process video of this page being put together....

Thanks so much for coming by...
I hope you are having some crafty time today!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rabbit Island

Hi my crafty friends!

I'm sharing a page today... this is one of my  pages using up any last pieces of the Amy Tangerine Yes Please Collection. 

Sometimes my scraps actually lead the design of the page, for example I could make six squares (getting low on the papers here people)  to go across the page. I had the wood veneer piece and these two photos and I shuffled them around until it looked right to me. To bring it all together I used my sewing machine to create a rough circle. Adding some small embellishments, stickers and veneers along this sewn line gives it a little movement.

This picture of my daughter makes me laugh she is very protective of her pickles and her hummus, her favourite snack.

Thanks for stopping by, go and pull those scraps out and get busy.
Take care

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Surf's Up ... not in Christchurch though... it's too cold

Hi Scrapbookers!

I hope you are having a relaxed weekend. It has been pretty cold here the last few days and we also got a little earthquake last night, just to check we were paying attention. We have them often but that one felt stronger for some reason.

It's ten days into August and I am off to a much slower start to my homemade kit. I am trying to figure out a rhythm of creating and sharing those pages whether it be a photo or a video. I am so new to the video still but I am sure it will work itself out.

I thought this month I would make a video of my kit I pulled. Margareta called this kit 'Surf's Up'. I got a little carried away and I think I will try to lighten it up next month. I just have so many ideas and not quite as much time!

Here is the video of the kit I have pulled:

If you would like to join in and create your own homemade kit please pop over to and check it out.

Hope your day is sunny and bright

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The July Kit results

Hi Scrapbookers!

Today I want to share with you a short, actually super short, two minute video of what I achieved in July with my Scrap Stash Kit Club homemade kit.

I show the kit at the beginning and then the TEN (I know so excited) pages that I made.

I am now working on the August Kit, I have made a video to show what I pulled and I hope to share it soon, perhaps tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chic Tags Challenge

Hi Scrapbookers

How is your day going? Mine is pretty quiet but I thought I would pop in and share a page...

This page was for a challenge on the Chic Tags blog, the challenge called 4C3S.... confused .. me too.

Basically it was to use Cardstock and 3 Chic Tags product and then the 3 S's you could choose...
I chose sewing, the Silhouette and sequins.

I do have a video coming of this page soon, I needed to put it up before the challenge was done though.
I will add the video hopefully later today.

Edited to add the You Tube link:

Hope you get to sneak some crafting into your day.
Take care

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#5 Happy

Good Morning Scrapbookers...

I have a page to share today done with  a sketch from the Elle's studio blog. I really enjoy Elle's studio products and they make putting a page together so easy no matter which collection. Their stamps and wood veneers are wonderful and I also really like the colours they use.

I have a process video of this page, you can see it here:

Also some still pictures:

\I hope you are having a fun crafty weekend!
Take care

Friday, July 25, 2014

October Afternoon

Hello Scrapbookers!

I have a page to share today that is made with the October Afternoon - Girl Talk.
I saw a great sketch on their blog and here is the result....

I have a corresponding you tube video if you would like to see the process:

Have a blessed day

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Morning Scrapbookers...

Wow it's a frosty start to the day... I just looked at the weather report and it says it's 3.1C but it feels like 1.C yes indeed it does. The sun is coming out though and even if it doesn't warm things up a heap it does make you feel a bit better.

I have been working some more on my Scrap Stash Kit Club pages and I have a quick one to share today.
I used a Let's get Sketchy Sketch so it came together easily.

So here is the page....

I also made a process video for this....still learning.... you can see it here:

And a few close ups:

I hope you are having a crafty day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stocking ..... yes a Christmas page in July

Hi Scrapbookers!

How are you? I hope you are doing well and finding some crafty time today.
I have another page and process video to share.
So... I know there must be a way to upload a video and not have it go live right away, but I have no idea how. I uploaded this one yesterday with my first one. planning on figuring out how to schedule it and then I just published it.  I will google later for instructions.

I saw this sketch over at the Chic Tags blog and I thought that is a great sketch, let's do it.

Here is the sketch and my page...

I will add the journaling (I have no clue why I didn't do it at the time, maybe I was interrupted) around the white cardstock border.

You can see my process video here:

Thanks for stopping by today

Monday, July 21, 2014

Something New!

Hi Guys...

Something new...well it's new to me, I made a video.
Yes it's true I have entered The youtube.
You know what was weirdest about it, yes hearing my voice recorded that was weird, but you know the real weirdest part was the learning how to do it.
It's not rocket science, clearly, you have seen youtube, it's full of intellectuals. It has been a while since I had to learn something like this. With the children, which is what I do day in day out, it's all about adaption, you just roll with it. You grow with them.
Thank goodness to help with youtube there is google, oh how I need google.

But I figured it out for the most part. I still have to figure out some lighting issues and speed issues but I actually finished a complete video and uploaded it. It was fun.
I had a few people ask me/tell me I should make them and I really didn't have a valid reason not to, I am sure I will receive some merciless teasing from my husband but that is pretty standard around here.

So here it is...

I'm pretty looking forward to doing another one, I think it could be addictive.
Hope the sun is shining where you are...
We are hoping for snow tonight!


Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hi Guys....

How is your weekend going? Mine is almost over but the silver lining is the children go back to school tomorrow. Oh how I love these big girls but I am happy for them to head back so we can all have a little balance. I still have the smallest one at home so I won't be completely without companionship.

I have a layout to share today... I actually did the layout two weeks ago but have been in two minds about sharing it. It's been a bit of a hard one, an emotional one but really a necessary one. It's part of our story as a family.

I did it for the challenge over at Creative Scrappers, to do a page without any photos.

Here is the sketch....

And here is my page......

The journaling reads: 

Tonight as I drove the children back to our broken home and broken lives, I talked to them about the earthquakes. About how this time it wasn't just things, it was our people, our families, our community that were hurt. It broke my heart but I had to explain to them that some Mum's and Dad's had died.

I asked them what do you think we need to do to get through this together. Olivia piped up from the backseat and said 'We need courage Mama'. I asked her 'What is courage Olivia?' She responded with - 'It's being afraid but doing it anyway.' Amen. Courage is exactly what we would need.

I'm in tears just typing up the journaling, so you can imagine it was a bit of a process actually getting through the making of a page.

The journaling that is inside the file folder:

I didn't know at this point how hard this would all be, that the shakes wouldn't stop for years, that we would be without a toilet for 6 months. Power and water would be intermittent for a long time.  That everything that was once our everyday, our routine was no longer possible, no longer there. No kindergarten, no library, no swimming pool, no parks, no footpaths even. I'm pleased I didn't know how exhausted we would all be, how heartbroken and sad we would all be, how brave and strong we would have to be. How I would have to rely on every little bit of strength I had to be a positive example to these children, when in fact I was in despair and doing my crying in the shower. I'm pleased because knowing now I don't know if I would have come back.

At the time I never thought of leaving. I thought everyone can't leave, we need to stay and help. What would happen to our city and who would be here to build it back up. I didn't know the struggles then, the worrying, I was still in shock. The grief and the loss didn't come until much later. We will never be the same again. Still now 3 years later, we are holding onto hope.

Thank you 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunday morning

Hi my crafty people...

Wow is cold here today, the sun is out a little so it doesn't look freezing, but I assure you it is freezing.
I haven't had a lot of time today but I wanted to get this page finished up so I could share it, I just had the journaling and last bits to do. 

This page is about what we call Sunday morning music appreciation, where my littliest girl sits with her Dad and they watch you tube music videos together. 

I love using the project life cards on regular layouts, I do this a lot, let's face it I'm never going to use them all up. I stopped buying them ages ago and they seem to just appear like gremlins. I really like the colours of this page.


Every Sunday morning, you and Dad sit and watch you tube music videos together. You listen to your favourites - it was Bruno Mars (monkeys) and Katy Perry (roar) until you had seen Frozen. Now you want to watch 'let it go' over and over. Because he is a good Daddy he sits through it over and over. Daddy sometimes tries out a new song and you and you will say 'Ah, no'. It cracks me up. This is where we will find you every Sunday morning.

Thanks for stopping by today
I hope your day is going great

Monday, July 14, 2014

This child is funny

Hi scrapbookers!

I'm having a day off from sharing squeeze kit pages today.. just to have a little break.
I made this page of Sophia and I last night, actually it's more about her and how darn funny she is.

Here is the page:

I put the journaling on a card in that first white pocket.


Oh child, you crack me up. You are so very funny. If I ask Olivia what she likes the most about you she says 'she is REALLY funny'. The way you walk, the way you talk, the songs you make up, you have always had a way of adding humour to all you do.
Your sense of humour is really very sophisticated for someone your age and your timing is fabulous. I don't think you really realise how funny you are and that is a good thing. You are enough of a show off now without doing it for attention. I love you goofball. Love Mama.

I really hope that this gift of humour will serve her later in life to help her deal with situations that arise. It is a great diffuser in stressful times. I may make another page in the future about that and other ways that she is quite a bit like her Daddy.

Thanks for stopping by today
I hope you are having a happy day
Take care

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yellow and Orange

Hi crafty people!

I have two more pages to share from my squeeze kit, I know, it's crazy how fast these are coming together.
I did have a little break from the kit tonight and finished up something else I had already started. I don't want to get tired of it. While finishing that other page I came up with an idea for my next kit page!

So here is the first one...

This is not my favourite page but it is growing on me. I sometimes find it a little tricky to work with colour photos when the children wear so many colours! Anyways, do you like that tshirt I made the kid, look at that super old ribbon I used up on there, and those stamps I love those ki stamps. She made the name tag,  I can take no credit for that. The page is about science day but more kinda about the fact that she went with her choice of what she wanted to be and it was not the same as what everyone else did. I love that.

This one came together really easily, about my baby and how she makes me look at everything like I have never seen it before.  She makes me slow down to look at  the wonder that is the learning hero cape.

I'm off to bed now, school holidays continue tomorrow, wish me luck.
No actually, wish me patience, that is way more helpful.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Squeeze Kit Pages

Hi Scrapbookers!

I can't remember the last time I worked with a colour combination that is so vibrant. I wonder if that is why I am finding it so easy. I do a lot of turquoise, pink, peach, and a heap of white so this is really refreshing and really goes so well with some of my photos. 

I purchased some Amy Tangerine 'sketchbook' daybooks on clearance for me and the girls and when I got home I realised the cover was damaged on one. I took the stitching out and added it to my squeeze kit. I just love those papers and I don't have any left from the collection. I like how all of the Amy Tangerine brighter collections can work together, the papers here are all from sketchbook, the meet me in the sunshine sticker is from ready,set,go and the rubons are from the latest plus one. 

As I mentioned previously.. while I'm crazy excited about working from these kits I am going to combine the kit with other challenges I regularly do. So this is the sketch challenge I did for Life Paper Scrapbook. 

Thanks for coming by today