Monday, November 3, 2014

CSI Case File No. CC-3

Good Morning!

Today I want to share a page and video with you that I did for CSI (

The Case this week looked like this:

and my page looks like this:

My main colours are the white and the brown but I did manage to use them all quite a bit.
From the evidence I used the feathers and string and an overall nature theme.
I journaled about nature in my handwriting and I also used the inspirational word 'outside' in my title.

My journaling: The best toy ever is called outside. My girls are always outside, I don't know if they are just made that way or simply because they have always been encouraged to spend time out and about in the sunshine or the rain. I love that they are out climbing trees, digging holes, exploring and being marveled by nature. Nature is awesome.

If you would like to see my process video for this page you can find it below:

Thanks so much for coming by
Have a fab day!