Monday, September 22, 2014

A little family adventure...

Hi Scrapbookers! 

How is your crafting going? I am so loving the challenges at CSI this month, so fun and super inspiring! The colour scheme is just beautiful. This is my third week guest designing for CSI and my favourite challenge so far..

The topic is 'journal about an adventure' so I decided to journal about this train trip we went on which the girls enjoyed so much.

From the evidence I used: stripes (background), wood/woodgrain (used woodgrain paper and wood dots), hearts (I embossed a heart stamp) and I also used some twine.

My journaling: Today we had a little family adventure at Ferrymead. Over the summer on some weekends they run the steam trains. The girls had never been before and thought it was the most wonderful way to travel.

The girls were fascinated that there were no seat belts and they enjoyed the freedom of being able to climb up and look out the window or walk across the cabin and sit with Dad. They are already asking to go again this summer.

Close ups:

Process Video:

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reluctant BFFS

Hi my Scrapbookers!

Happy Saturday!
Today I am sharing my second page that I am making for my guest designer spot at CSI.
Here is the case:

Such a great case and with the bonus of it being a sketch week. I really enjoy Emma's sketches, I love that I can make them as simple or complex as I like by adding or taking away.

Here is my page... featuring the lovely Olivia and the handsome Scholes:

When I saw the black/white and yellow/lime green combination I knew right away that I was going to reach for my Amy Tangerine Plus One collection as it included all of those colours. Then I used the light blue as a minor accent colour.

The topic is 'document something special about pets/animals' and I knew these photos that I had printing a few weeks ago, would be great to tell the story of this relationship.

From the evidence I used: clouds (I used these in my top right cluster and underneath the blue everyday arrow and I also used an animal accent (the black cat face)

My journaling: 
Scholes isn't always the most trustworthy of cats. He swipes, sometimes bites and is at times bad tempered.  Rightly so the girls don't trust him. He still wants them to love him though and play with him but he doesn't make the connection. Olivia gives him the most chances but she is still cautious. 
Liv was outside on the picnic table writing in her notebook and Scholes just wouldn't leave her alone. Liv isn't even aware that they are best friends but I'm sure that's what Scholes thinks.

If you would like to see how the page came together and my thought process behind it please watch my process video:

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hi Scrapbookers!

Guess what? Fabulous news this month I am a Special Investigator (Guest Designer) for

This website and community is truly one of the best scrapbooking places on the internet. The challenges really do suit me, with their three way approach but it wasn't just the challenges that kept coming me back. The community is so positive and supportive it really is quite a unique place. If you haven't tried CSI out I urge you to go on over and see what you think. You can follow me along this month with my four challenges, I am hoping to have a process video for each so you can see a little look into how my CSI challenges come together.

Here is the Challenge:

and here is my page:

A few closeups and a link to my process video:

Process Video:

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Lovely Day

Good Morning Scrapbookers!

How is your crafting going? I must say I have been a little bit flat in August, just haven't felt my normal self, I have still made quite a few pages but my normal focus hasn't been there. So Goodbye August, September and I are going to be much better friends. It already sounds better because here in NZ, September = spring and we all know after a long winter how much you look forward to spring.

I saw this wonderful sketch over at Creative Scrappers and I really wanted to squeeze it into August and finish on a good note.

Here is the sketch:

 and here is my page:

And some closeups:

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