Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everyday Phia

Hi Guys...

How is your week going? Mine has been really good but busy so far. Today and tomorrow are far more relaxed so I am hoping to get some more crafting done. My level of crafting during the day is directly related to this:
whether this small person has a sleep or not. Some days I win, some days she wins. Today is looking good though because she didn't have a nap yesterday! Fingers crossed.

I do have a page to share today, it is one I  made using my Scrap Stash Kit Club Kit. This is a kit you pull together with your own supplies. I also used a sketch for this page from Let's get Sketchy. I love to join in on their challenges where I can.

Here is the page:

and you can find the process video here:

Thanks so much for coming by today! I hope you have a wonderful crafty day.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cherish the bubbles

Hi Crafty people!

Do you have a stack of pages that need to be journaled on? Oh my gosh I sure do. I can rarely journal at the same time that I create the page because my brain doesn't work that way. The funny thing is I know the story I want to tell but I just can't get it out at the same time.

Sometimes I get concerned when I see the pile growing and growing but I do know that in one afternoon I can get them all done. I love to write but I have to be in the right frame of mind. This page had been doing the rounds on my desk for a while.... today I got the story in and I am hoping it will start a roll and I can get through my pile.

It's finally starting to warm up a little here in NZ which is such a relief... a little over the winter and this afternoon the girl's are all outside playing... they haven't been able to do that for months. We are all so happy about it, I forgot how much easier it is in the warmer months. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day

P.S. The biggest one just came in and asked me for a pickle jar to play with in the garden (they are making a bug hotel? I didn't ask for elaboration) I was like YES you can totally have a pickle jar.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Pyjamas

Hi Scrapbookers....

Well August is totally getting away from me... I have been so busy with general life and also crafting away.
I have done quite a few layouts with my homemade kit and I hope to share them over the next few days.

Today's share is a page I did for a sketch challenge over at Let's get Sketchy. It's for August week 2.

Here is the sketch...
As you can see I didn't wander very far from the original at all... such a great sketch

I also made a process video of this page being put together....

Thanks so much for coming by...
I hope you are having some crafty time today!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rabbit Island

Hi my crafty friends!

I'm sharing a page today... this is one of my  pages using up any last pieces of the Amy Tangerine Yes Please Collection. 

Sometimes my scraps actually lead the design of the page, for example I could make six squares (getting low on the papers here people)  to go across the page. I had the wood veneer piece and these two photos and I shuffled them around until it looked right to me. To bring it all together I used my sewing machine to create a rough circle. Adding some small embellishments, stickers and veneers along this sewn line gives it a little movement.

This picture of my daughter makes me laugh she is very protective of her pickles and her hummus, her favourite snack.

Thanks for stopping by, go and pull those scraps out and get busy.
Take care

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Surf's Up ... not in Christchurch though... it's too cold

Hi Scrapbookers!

I hope you are having a relaxed weekend. It has been pretty cold here the last few days and we also got a little earthquake last night, just to check we were paying attention. We have them often but that one felt stronger for some reason.

It's ten days into August and I am off to a much slower start to my homemade kit. I am trying to figure out a rhythm of creating and sharing those pages whether it be a photo or a video. I am so new to the video still but I am sure it will work itself out.

I thought this month I would make a video of my kit I pulled. Margareta called this kit 'Surf's Up'. I got a little carried away and I think I will try to lighten it up next month. I just have so many ideas and not quite as much time!

Here is the video of the kit I have pulled:

If you would like to join in and create your own homemade kit please pop over to and check it out.

Hope your day is sunny and bright

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The July Kit results

Hi Scrapbookers!

Today I want to share with you a short, actually super short, two minute video of what I achieved in July with my Scrap Stash Kit Club homemade kit.

I show the kit at the beginning and then the TEN (I know so excited) pages that I made.

I am now working on the August Kit, I have made a video to show what I pulled and I hope to share it soon, perhaps tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day