Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Life Insert

I'm hoping that tomorrow when we wake up we will all be magically well. Two weeks of this flu has been quite enough, poor GG woke up today and has felt rubbish all day. I just want to take it away but all I can do is hold her.

Today I thought I would share one of my inserts I have done for Project Life. I had two particular events on top of our normal week I wanted to cover. The first was Liv's learning celebration at school, her class was leading it. It amazes me what five year old's can do if given the chance. Liv had two parts to play, she read out her information report on snails and she participated in her jump jam dance group. Such a special day for her. (Excuse the pixelated faces of her classmates)

The second side of the insert is a family lunch we had while my in-laws were down visiting before my BIL and SIL went back to England (same weekend). This side was super quick because it was so photo heavy.

I just feel so satisfied, not only did I get that week done but I also got the extras done! woohoo!
I have a few weeks to catch up now, because of the flu, but I am confident that I can do it as long as I keep jotting down the info, life is always going to get in the way.

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Life....

So I've jumped feet first into Project Life. I do love my 12x12 but a part of me feels like I am missing the stories. I am a pretty regular journaler but I still wasn't happy. It's not the big epic stories, the life changers, it's all the little stuff, the details of our life. A little note, a little thought, a little question.  So I started the last week of April, I know weird timing, but you know what's great,  no pressure, no big oh I've started this year long commitment, nope none of that. I don't have any Project Life core kits nothin. I got some WRMK page protectors from my local and a friend gave me a  bunch of the bazzill ones. Thanks Bee! I don't even have an album, they're just floating around with some metal rings holding them together.

So I went through my scraps and cut a whole lot to 6x4 and 3x4 and it's kinda thrilling. All these tidbits I have wanted to use, that's why I kept them right. And I still like them but they didn't have much chance of making it onto a page up against newer supplies. It's exciting to me to use up anything super old. Also other supplies, stickers, stamps, embellishments, some small that get lost on a 12x12 are great for PL.

I'm surprised at how addictive it is and I'm surpristed at how it makes me look at life differently. I jot down a whole lot more stuff now, knowing I have a place to put it and it's not going to make the big pile of unscrapped misc notes and memorabilia larger.

I don't print at home but I have worked out a little system. I try and edit my photos Sunday night, during the week I just dump the odd photo into the PL folder. I don't worry if I didn't get a photo I will still cover the subject. Then Monday morning I take the bigs to school and kinder and GG and I go and get the photos printed. Once I have the photos it all comes together really quick.

So this was my first week, I am just going to load them up when I can and not worry about being current...

Must go, still have a house full of sick people
Have a fab day

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A challenge of sorts....

I'm still all about the challanges at the moment, it is so much easier for me to have a starting off point, otherwise I could sit and stare at the kraft cardstock for a crazy amount of time. I have been taking part in the Stars in your Eyes competition over at Scrappin Patch and it's been interesting.

The idea is they have a new star every week and you are to do something in their style. You know what I've found? It's actually quite hard for me to do something not in my own style. The other thing is, I'm not going to make something for a competition that I don't want in my album, that I don't love. I need it to still have story, the journalling is so important to me. So I seem to have learnt more about me than anything.

These are a few of the pages I have done so far....

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today