Monday, June 30, 2014


Hi crafters!

I made this page for the Elle's studio sketch thursday last week.
Things got away from me as they do occasionally when I am trying to do too much.
So I didn't get it done and uploaded in time but I still wanted to share it.

This is Miss Ella watching tv... don't you stand like this when you watch tv?..Weirdo... what you sit down? I don't think so, that doesn't allow for any creative expression. She is on her tippy toe and resting on the balloon on her table. When she saw this picture she said "Funny Hella." Yes indeed. No ordinary moments.

Hope you are having a wonderful day

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creative Scrappers 271

Hi Everyone

Another page to share....

The second sketch looks like this:

and I came up with this:

I always really like the results I get from these challenges imparticular, which is the important part after all.
It doesn't hurt that they have some amazing prizes you can go in to win.

Hope you are having a crafty day

Creative Scrappers 270

Hi Scrapbookers...

I wanted to share my pages for this month's Creative Scrappers challenges.
I find their sketches particularly diverse and inspiring and I always try to get to them if I can.
If I can't within the month I try and go back and give them a go.

So for this month the first sketch looked like this:

and my page looks like this:

Hope you are having a fab day

The beach and big ted...

Hi Bloggey friends...

How is your weekend going? The girl's and I have just returned from the beach, it's winter here and it was a little freezing. The sun was out but it wasn't enough. Why are the children always adequately clothed and I am not? They had a blast though and got some fresh air.

So that is what it looks like in  my part of the world today... This is Waimairi Beach which is 5 mins from my house (in the car).

So back to the scrapbooking....

It's getting close to the end of the month and I have been trying to get some of my pages ready to share. The hardest part for me at the moment is getting good light, sometimes it is so easy and other times it makes for a lot of hard work. So I may have a few posts close together to get them up.
I am hoping to get to work on my CSI page and the mood board over at LPS tonight.

As I have said before I enjoy the challenges that are fairly regular at least twice a month, weekly is best for me. I can lose momentum otherwise.

This is my last one for this month at Let's get sketchy....

Oh here is the sketch..

I couldn't 100% follow the sketch because I really wanted to include that second photo (of writing), a lot of the time it's not so pleasing to the eye but I am passionate about including the children's actual art and handwriting and bits and pieces. I will sacrifice some pretty to have some important.

This was the first time we had the class mascot and we had to write all about the adventure they had. It was hilarious because for weeks and weeks after parents were complaining to me about what an amazing job my girl had done. We had the first page in the book and had no idea what the expectation was! We set the standard really high accidently.

I have had a great time with the sketch's this month at Let's get Sketchy and am looking forward to many more, so if you need a bit of a challenge or a change, head over there for a look.

Thanks for coming by

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Love documented

Morning people...

I'm having a quiet morning with the two bigs off at football with JJ and just the littliest girl with me. It's been a busy week so I'm taking a bit of 'just breathe' time.

I thought I would share one of my latest pages, I did this one for a challenge at Let's get sketchy.

Here is the sketch I worked from:

I followed this one really closely as you can see:

This page is about my eldest daughter and her role in her sisters lives.

Thanks for coming by today, I hope you have a really blessed day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Thursday....


It's 11.29 am, I'm going to squeeze this post into morning. Busy morning this morning,  I ran over to Spotlight after school drop off and got some bits and pieces. Some random clearance Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine.. and some Heidi Swapp. The Heidi Swapp was a better deal than I realized. I haven't been buying much lately and I seemed to get a heap for my money.

Everywhere I have been (online) this morning has been talking about 2peas closing. I am a little sad because I enjoyed their message boards the best. Love Shimelle and Wilna but it has been on it's way out for ages. They have had minimal new products for a long time and I don't even buy from them because their shipping is ridiculous. I think a lot of people have gone to the kit clubs for ease and because let's face it, you get a heap of stuff that co-ordinates with one shipping charge.  I know one of Two Peas biggest problems was that they never had much of anything in stock.

It is the end of an era though and I have been a member there for eleven years now and they have given so much to this community. I officially have no message board to hang out on anymore. Well that was depressing. Enough of that.

Ok so I have been doing some more challenges...
I am enjoying the ones at Let's get Sketchy.

Here is the sketch:

I had to flip the photo to the other side because the kid was facing that way... nothing like a Christmas page in June!

Thanks for stopping by
Have a great day

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miss Gia...

Hi Scrapbookers!

A quick page I made about Miss G and some things that are so very her.

I used mainly Maggie Holmes products with Amy Tangerine letter stickers.
Came together so quickly.. love it when that happens.

I'm hoping to get something made this morning... must get off computer or nothing will happen.

Have a blessed day

Monday, June 23, 2014

Project Life share

Good Morning Scrapbookers!

It's Monday.... we have had such a full on weekend that I am pleased it is Monday. I sound like a crazy person.. who wishes for Monday. Apparently I do. That's how busy it was, I felt like I was running all weekend. I am hoping for a quiet day.

I have a project life page to share today:

If you would like to check out more Project life ideas pop on over to Jessica's PL Linkup and check them out.
Thanks for stopping by
Hope you are having a fabulous day, busy or quiet.

Friday, June 20, 2014

CSI Case File S365-6

Hi crafters!

CSI did a bonus case file this month which I was so pleased about because I have done the other challenges the day they go up and then I'm waiting waiting for the next one. I like them that much!

So here are the details of the case file...

and here is my page.... I didn't have anything in that exact peach shade but worked with what I had.

I made this page about Liv and her love/need to run.

Journaling: This has always been one of my very favourite pictures of you. It's a little blurry because you are running, but I just love it. You have always been super active and would run to the gate to race me or race Scholes (our cat). I had no idea at this point that later on you would be so good at running, at this point I knew you just had to and look how happy it made you.

For the evidence, I used numbers (Ephemera card), a bow, twine and gold.
For the testimony, I used a frame for my story.

Thanks for coming by....
I hope you are having a crafty day

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Elle's Studio Thursday Sketch

Hi Scrapbookers!

I really like Elle's Studio products and I have a ton, so to remind myself you to use them I am going to try and do their thursday sketch's. Their products are so usable, I've always been a bit keen on office style products... file folders, labels etc and they do all of that so well. So it's time to stop storing them and get them on a page.

This is the current sketch...

and here is my page....

Hope you are having a fab day
The sun is shining here!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

to be continued....

Hi crafty friends....

I am into my third challenge with CSI and I must say I really look forward to the challenge release and it's every week YAY!!!
I really loved the colour combo this time, actually I've really enjoyed them all so far.
Look at those scene photos though, seriously red and turquoise, I am so there. This week was a little different because it's the first one I've done with the sketch. I think the key with the colour combination is to remember you have to use them all but at least two of them for me are going to be very minor players. I just go with the three that speak to me the most and kind of go together and work on the other two as a secondary thing.

So here is my page......

I made this page about JJ and Liv and their connection and 'meeting of the minds' that has happened since they began playing an online game together. It's really become 'their thing' which is awesome. I think their little chats and get togethers they have to talk about it are adorable... they assure me however that it's serious business.
From the evidence list I used a camera, wood, and I did a pair (of cameras).
For the testimony options, I made a pocket and put my hidden journaling inside.

The problem with being done is now I have to wait until Saturday to get another one, just a little addictive.

Never fear, I have my eye on the Elle's Studio thursday sketch and I'm going to throw myself at that tomorrow.

Shine On,


Monday, June 16, 2014

Project Life Share

Hi scrapbookers!

I know you saw the title right..... Project Life..... I know.

So... I know you are not supposed to start sentences with so but it's my blog. So.... I haven't really been sharing my PL for two reasons.... the first one is laziness... I sometimes have gaps and don't want to share those until they're done... I have been infrequent at working on it this year and so I don't have it up to date regularly..... oh there are so many reasons.

One of the main ones is that I have really simplified this year... I mean really simplified and I kinda think who would want to see it. But apparently you do, because I have had messages asking me. So yes I am still doing it and enjoying it but I am not as obsessed as I was last year. I'm kind of obsessed with 12x12 at the moment. So I promise to share sporadically with no apologies for the gaps. If you are looking for some PL inspiration, pop over to the mom creative Jessica has an awesome link up for PL... if you get stuck down that rabbit hole however, I take no responsibility. Get coffee first.

Have a fab day

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let's get Sketchy

Hi Scrapbookers!

How is your weekend going? Mine has been busy with children and housework eww... eww to the housework not the children, well most of the time. The world cup has started so I am a bit of a football widow at the moment. He's lucky it's only every four years.

Last night while watching the All Blacks play (yes we watch all the sports)  I made a page using this Let's get sketchy sketch. That was a bit of a mouthful. I find scrapbooking while watching the game helps me with the stressful parts of the game... I just ponder an embellishment while the husband is hyperventilating. I think my process makes way more sense than his.

So here is the sketch...

And here is my page...

Have a great day

CSI Challenge #126

After being pretty happy with  my work from the last CSI challenge I was looking forward to having another go. That is another thing I like, they have a new challenge every week. I am a prolific scrapbooker so the once a month things are ok but because they are not in line with how often I actually create sometimes I forget about them.

CSI Challenge #126

This week from the evidence I used - polka dots, textured paper (tissue paper sewn to background), ampersand and rubons (the little arrows above the journaling block). From the testimony list this week I went with a journaling spot with a decorative edge ( I made the edge with folded newsprint tissue paper).

Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trying out CSI

I had said in a previous blog post that I was looking for some new extra challenge blogs.
I thought I would try out the CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration website.
So far I have done two of their challenges and am loving it. Their approach is kind of recipe based... you get a colour combo, a list of items to pick from and a journaling option. I love that they focus on the story.

This is Case File No 125...

This is the page I came up with:

The evidence I used - two items from the list -   was something sheer (I used washi and two types of vellum), and something puffy (I used the Amy Tangerine Puffy Stickers), so as you can see it wasn't difficult at all to select items to use. From the testimony list I chose to use an Inspiration word to guide my journaling... I used time to talk about the time, commitment and the behind the scenes things that happen for JJ to be able to coach as much as he does.

Have a blessed day

Friday, June 13, 2014

I heart scrapbooking

What a week it has been! Seriously over the cold.. seriously over the children having colds and definately over the husband having one. Oh and my kitchen has just been pulled apart because of a massive leak in the wall... great week huh.  I haven't been able to go and do some things I really wanted to do this week and that always makes me cranky but you know what .... there is some sunshine.

This week in two of the challenge blogs I like to participate in, I was acknowledged. I was picked top 3 at LPS and at CSI I was selected in Most Wanted. It was just the kind of pick me up I needed.
I really love to participate in challenges because when you have been scrapbooking forever it's nice to get a push to change it up here and there and with local get togethers dwindling more and more I rely on the internet to give me a greater scrapbooking community.
So that's it really, in my long dreary week, thank you my wonderful hobby and community for giving me what felt like a big hug. I needed it and I appreciate it.

Love Hayley

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Polka Dot Party I think I love you

Ok so we all know that my first love is Fifth and Frolic but you know what,  Polka Dot Party really is equal to that line or maybe dare I say it even a touch better. gasp! I know!
The best bit is, they work fabulously together and can be totally interchanged. I kinda like the Polka Dot Party has that touch of bright pink and that vibrant lemony colour to change it up some.

I did these pages a little while back for page kits... but that's all done and dusted so thought I should add them on here, in case you have some Polka Dot Party you are having trouble using.. like that would ever happen! If it does happen, easy answer, send it to me!

Note: I wouldn't normally have pages without any journaling,  that was purely because they were for kits, they will be finished off before going in the album.

Thanks for coming by 
Have a wonderful day

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back in the Challenge game...

This week I made a couple of pages and checked out some new to me challenge sites to see if they were something that might give me a push.

Firstly I did the sketch challenge over at Life Paper Scrapbook, they are not new to me but they are a favourite so I always try to stop by, oh and this is what it looked like this:

and here is my page...

and my second page is from their mood board...

and here is my page...

Both staring the fabulous Gabriella!
Off to look for my next challenge.