Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbows and Project Life

We are having a huge week with so much going on, four birthday's this weekend alone, none of them our's but those we need to attend. Liv's is next week and I have so very much to do. I was going to have a quiet night last night and get some things done but we ended up spending most of the night in the ER with the baby. She's ok. I am relieved.

So I made Liv's invites for the Rainbow party, they are pretty ordinary really, I wanted to fancy them up a bit but that wasn't what she wanted so I just went with it.

I also wanted to share my Project Life...


I love this week, even though we were unwell, hence the child asleep in her apples, we still had things to record even if it was a birthday party we missed etc. The girls particularly love looking at the denist photos. The block I have left blank with the name Janet is for someone important to us that passed away, I haven't quite felt ready to journal about yet, but I will.

I must go and play catch up now!
Have a blessed day

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life Share

So at this crop in the weekend I realised the way I talk about Project Life sometimes makes me sound like a crazy person. The ladies were very gracious and assured me I was just "passionate" hehe! But really after listening to myself I am really really into it, like in a trying to convert the masses way. I hope my enthusiasm is catching because I really want some other addicts, I mean scrapbooking friends to get on board. I mean some real life friends, not that you guys aren't great, because we both know you are, but you know someone I can bounce things off over the craft table. Anyways I digress...

I have a few weeks of PL to share, I am keeping up fine but I am still playing catch up with my posting..

Excuse the gap where the snow books picture is going to go, as soon as we made them, one went to kinder and one went to school and they are yet to make their way home again. My favourite for this week is of course the snow ones... fabulous fun.


And this is the following week...


I have two favourites for this week, the first is the football one in the middle of the second page, I enjoyed this because I don't do that much stuff about my husband and it was great to include it. The second fave is the pocket with the pixelated photo of my daughter with her friends at the school disco. You can't see but you would never believe it out of the three girls, the one who stood their not smiling but eating her chips was my daughter, the scrapbookers daughter, unbelievable! I loved this one because these are kind of things I wish I had pictures of from when I was little.

I must get moving now as I have a birthday card to finish for a party tomorrow and Liv's birthday invites to finish up.
Have a fab night

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I always forget...

The reason you see so few cards shared on my blog lately is because I always remember right after I post it, that I should share it. I have a problem with posting, not the making, not the addressing, just the actual leaving the house to post the card part. Ridiculous when I go past a post box on my way to and from school. But I do. So if by chance I make it to the postbox, damn it the card is going in, even if I would so love to share it because who knows when I'll make it back. Unfortunately some of my favourites I forgot to photograph and now they are gone which is good because that is after all the purpose, but now I can't remember them.

Man I go on... anyways, I made this card for Piradee who very kindly send me some lovely washi tape and I wanted to say thanks you're awesome back to her.

Super easy card using my Amy Tangerine 6x6 sketchbook pad, I've really enjoyed that line and they are so not my normal colours. Really loving my new AC Roxie Shoreline stamps, I have used them a heap already.

I love how they have the outline and the solid, I think they're really good value.

I saw a fab card that Kimber McGray did over at 2peas for the Saturday Sketch Challenge and thought I would give it a go. Mine is pretty  much a duplicate of her's using different products. I really wanted to try her envelope look and I had a few of these glassine envelopes laying around.

It was actually really easy and I think it turned out cute, we have a ton of children's birthday's coming up so it will definately get used.

Have a great day guys,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I actually got out of the house....

to crop! Which I haven't done since before baby GG came so it was long overdue. It isn't the easiest thing to wrangle when you breastfeed. A while ago I was chatting about/possibly whinging about how long it had been and my LSS owner came up with a brilliant plan. Yesterday at ScrappinPatch we had a Mother and Daughter crop. It was fabulous. So GG came and she was so good.

My little scrapbooking superstar.

So I had a lot of fun and a ton of laughs and even got a few pages done.

Used a bunch of Cameo stuff on here - the title, the circle border, the file folder and the orange tab. Some crate paper stickers, washi tape and paper scraps and I was done.

I will share the other's when I have a moment to do my journalling.

Hope you got some creative time this weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All PL all the time

So here are another couple of weeks of my project life. I decided for the girls birthday's that I will add a birthday week insert as we usually do a lot and it just gives me a bit more room and makes them feel a bit more special. So this first insert is Sophia's birthday week. I thought for a spread where it is all about the same event that I would try using all the same collection, I like it but I think I prefer the mixed up look of the other weeks.


Please excuse this first pocket, that photo is temporary, this one came out much too dark and I forgot to reprint it, it's not stuck in and that is the reason for the funny angle.

Moving right along, my next spread is for the week of the 28th of May.


Oh I loved this week so many bits and pieces captured, just makes me feel all warm inside!
Happy memory keeping people!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Life - 3 weeks in one post deal

I'm posting several Project Life weeks this week. I am enjoying PL a ridiculous amount! 
It is so suited to my chaotic lifestyle right now.

Week of 7th May

I loved how this week turned out, I think my favourite part was the playdate one from the first page and maybe the story one from the second page. I love my cameo and am using it for so many PL related things (on this spread I used it on the May title, the arrow filler and the story journal spot). Is anyone else finding the vertical inserts are sliding out of the pockets? At this point I am stapling them in to hold them but if anyone has any bright ideas let me know.

Close up's below:

Week of 14th May

I decided to try a page with the 6x6 pockets for this week and I really liked it, I didn't think I was going to but it really did work for some of the things I wanted to cover. It just gave me a bit more room.


  My favourite this week was the Friday cross country run, I managed to get a pic of my daughter and of her friends and then her 5th place ticket in the little folder (this would normally have gotten lost in the pile of "must keeps"). It still gives me such a thrill when I have it in and done. It's so nice for the children too, they have been able to show friends and family what they have been doing lately, not six months down the road when Mum gets around to scrapbooking it.

Week of 21st May

And my last share for this week, I'm going to be caught up posting in no time as this rate!
 I used my cameo a heap this week, I swear I use that thing like it's my job. I am so happy that I love it as much as I do, I wanted one for so long.

My favourite for this week is the dinosaur art one, the box-o-saurus from Kinder. Sometimes being the geeky parent that brings her camera in is worth it.


If you have noticed the pocket each week that has been numbered week one etc, that is a challenge I'm taking part in that runs for nine weeks, it's been great to document that, something I would not normally do.

I hope you are all having a fab day, it's just me and GG today, the big's have gone to my parents for a few days since it's the holidays and it's glorious! I am still a bit sick but I am actually getting a little rest. The house is so quiet and I am really enjoying being able to finish a thought and go to the bathroom without an interruption, I know you're jealous!

Hope the sun is shining where you are