Monday, May 14, 2012

The rest of my NSD layouts...

So I completed a bunch more layouts for the 2peas challenges.
This is what I got done...

The first challenge was a colour inspiration, you could either go with their combo or find a combination of things around your house to inspire you. So I gathered up a few bits and pieces ...

and so this was my layout I came up with.

This page was for Challenge #4 - Continue the Morph


This card was for Challenge #7 - Using Polaroids

 This page was for Challenge #8 - Beneath the layer (Using the negetive)

 This page was for Challenge #5 - Using bright colours

and lastly this was for Challenge #6 - Play with Confetti

Sorry for the super long post, I just knew if I didn't get them up all at once I wouldn't do it!
Have a great day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NSD extended...

I really wanted to participate in NSD this year. I didn't know of any crops happening and in reality I couldn't be gone all day with breastfeeding the baby anyways. But I really wanted to get involved. I figured Two Peas would have something going, I do find being in a different time zone a little tricky for these things, especially things like chats etc. But the list of challenges was great.

Then I started receiving email challenges from Big Picture and their challenges were awesome too! Then I heard Studio Calico's challenges were interesting so I popped over there. Can we all say Overwhelmed! Overwhelmed with goodness though. So I did the logical thing and thought well which one closes first, that's how I'll do it. So Big Pictures closed on the Sunday so I got two layouts done for there. I could have done a bunch more if I had a little more time. Studio Calico and Two Peas did allow more time which is awesome.

So enough blabbing on...

I did this page for Challenge #2 at Big Picture, it's a challenge from Ali Edwards - Grab a photo from a few years back and a photo from today and tell a story about the way things are different or the same. 

This is a page I have wanted to do for a long time and it fitted the challenge perfectly. 

And for Challenge #7 - Create a layout using three colors that are found next to each other on the color wheel. I must say too that uploading for a challenge at Big Picture is super easy - I really liked that.

I haven't posted to any of the other challenges yet but I will share my layouts when I do.
Hope your having a fab day

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Party all night long...

Those drain/sewage/cctv guys who are parking outside my bedroom window every second night with loud grinding noises and flashing lights are really cramping my already broken sleep schedule. Phew I am pretty tired. When I fantasise about being up late and having a social life again, this is not what I meant. I hope they sort it soon, it's been going on for a long while now. So if I don't make much sense, don't judge, just go with "she is super sleep deprived".

I got some photos printed and now I can finally scrapbook a few pages of the baby. I have purposely delayed printing them to make myself finish off some photos that I was being a bit slack about. So I did my first one of GG, Sissy 2 did manage to smush herself into a photo too. Poor baby, not only does she have to try and hold that head up, she has to hold the big ones head too!

I used mainly Girl's Paperie on this but I was pretty thrilled to whip some heidi swapp tape on there, man that stuff is old. I am trying to work something old onto every layout at the moment and it's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

Now to the opposite of super old, is exciting and new! YAY!
I did this page using my new 6x6 Studio Calico pad - I think it's Classic Calico 2. I so enjoyed this one and it came together so fast, pleased to have this birthday done as she has another this month!

Oh and I got this title from the Silhouette store last week on clearance, Bargain! I do want to get a subscription but I will wait for a sale and just get what I need for now. I am loving this machine and I think I have used it on every layout since I have purchased it.

I'm off to try and get something done now, I'm hoping to get a couple of  Mother's day cards finished up, wish me luck and any energetic vibes gratefully accepted.
Have a great night