Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project life!

Hey Project Lifers!

This has been the first week in ages that I have used a filler card, I can't have been very snap happy this week. We had plenty going on but I summed it up fairly easily. My favourite is the little stories simply because the little, quirky, man my kids are weird stories are my favourite things. The things that make them individuals. They are the best bits to read back on later too.

Here is my share for this week:

Hope your all having a great week and getting crafty.
Take care

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project Life this week...

Hi All...

Hope you are having a fabulous day, it's a little miserable and rainy here today but we are all snuggly warm inside... that is until I have to go pick the other children up! At least we get to come home and warm up with a Milo.

Here is my Project Life for this week:


Just a short and sweet entry today as the children need raising. ha!
Have a blessed day

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Challenge Me Happy #30

Hey everyone!

First I have to apologise, my first challenge for Challenge me Happy and here I am posting about it a few days late. It was up on the Challenge blog on time but not up here.

I do however have a pretty good excuse. I've had Mastitis.... I'm pausing for you all to go awww poor you and for all of you that have had it, are probably crossing your arms in that protective way and counting your lucky stars that you are not me right now. Let me just say things have been pretty ugly town around here. I've been pretty ill but now I'm on the road to recovery, thank goodness for antibiotics.

Enough of the boring sicky sicky talk.. on to the Challenge.
I was so excited! The Challenge is to make a layout using handmade embellishments. At first I was like huh, I don't use a whole heap of embellishments, what will I do here. But that is the whole point isn't it.... the whole challenge thing.

I had been wanting to do this page for a while as we have so many memories of our trip to Indonesia and I really want to get some more done before we go again next year. I am enjoying the whole polaroid thing that has been popular although I haven't done it a lot, I like the look even if your pictures aren't all the same size. I made the little flags with some toothpicks and handy dandy washi tape, they are so easy, I made a bunch extra and just left the ends square so when I add it to the layout I can decide on the shape of the flag.  

I had cut this chevron circle out a while ago and it had been floating around my desk and it ending up working well for the layering of my little frame. I made the ruffle by cutting a strip of newsprint tissue paper and then sewing along the middle with my sewing machine, once you have finished sewing just pull the thread at one end and it all kind of crumples up. The frame is using the Amy Tangerine stamps (thanks Bee!) 

These little embellishments were super easy too, using the same sized strips as the ruffle, I just pleated it around in a circle and then did the same with the washi, it is so easy to do with the washi because once you have folded it sticks to itself.

Just edited to add the papers I used in this collection are from the Everyday Eclectic Range by Echo Park.

So that's my first Challenge done and dusted! Now it's your turn to come on over and get involved. You can pop over and check out the details of the Challenge here. Come and show me what you've got!

Have a blessed day

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soup labels for me!

I've been using my Silhouette so much lately, on pretty much every page which is awesome. This little machine can do so much stuff, I haven't a clue how much of it works. I have however always wanted to try out the Print and Cut feature.

For the non-silhouette owners - some files you can purchase from the store are printable images, and the silhouette allows you to print them with your printer and it adds this little registration marks when it prints and then you pop it in the silhouette and it cuts them out. Just like magic.

My printer is a little crappy and not something I am planning on replacing any time soon so I reluctantly purchased some ink for it, I do really like it for typing my journalling etc but it's not great for images.

Oh one of the other big motivating factors for me to give it a go was the store had Jillibean Soup soup labels that you can print and cut yourself. I love these labels as Jillibean uses a lot of colours I like but they are not easy to come by in NZ. So now I can just make my own!

So here they go! This is how they looked on the mat still stuck down, I didn't realise they had tiny holes on the ends that it cut, they are so small.

This is them once I peeled them off. I am really happy with how they turned out. I do need to look into what type of paper works best for them. This however may be a lost cause because of my printer being crappy, but I really need to wait until it totally dies till I invest in another.

So now I have myself some Jillibean labels and didn't have to pay any international shipping for them and I can print them over and over and over, brilliant for my Project Life. I'm a happy girl.

Thanks for stopping by
Have a blessed day

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Wednesday...

Wow I haven't been here for an entire week and it sure feels like it. I've been crafting away but the layouts are for scheduled things I can't share yet so I haven't had a lot to post.

Coming up this week, on the 15th will be  my first contribution to the Challenge me happy blog. Woohoo! I'm excited about that, come on over and get involved.

I did a big catchup with my Project Life and I'm pleased to say I am back to being current (current to me is working on last weeks pages). I was about 3-4 weeks behind, I had made all the notes etc but I just told myself I wasn't allowed to do anything else until it was caught up. So I am happy.
Here is my share for this week:


Thanks for dropping by...
Have a blessed day

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PL Update

Morning morning Project Lifers, it's 11.16 am so technically still morning.

I completely lost a day being unwell yesterday and I was sitting here and gasped when I realised it was PL day and I hadn't done anything yet. Well I'd done my pages but had my Olympic pocket to finish off. I had purchased the Olympic rings cut from the Silhouette store which was great but I was attempting to do it way way way too small and I just couldn't get it to go together and look right. So instead of weeks ago giving up and moving on, in true Hayley style I just kept trying it every few days until now I seriously don't like the Olympics rings anymore.

Then I had a stamping disaster! But hey it is done!
Here is the spread:

And the closeups:

On this page I need to give a couple of acknowledgements ..... that cool little chevron filler that says Twenty Twelve on it is from And the beautiful arty printable in the bottom left corner is so not done by me, it is from I have used Bobbi's work before and it is awesome. If either of these printables interest you be sure to pop on over and get yourself one.

Back to laundry...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy news...

Happy Saturday Morning!

Woohoo, I must say I love Saturday morning now sport has finished, no rushing around trying to get the hair plaited, the football boots sorted and the crazy mayhem that ensues. Although the children are all up early the pressure is off for now.

I have some big news to share...

I applied for the Challenge Me Happy design team and they picked me, Me! I know! I am so thrilled. I have wanted to get more involved again and  this is perfect for me. I love challenges. I have been scrapbooking a looong time now and challenges are what keeps me going. Let's face it, they are just plain good for you. To do things you wouldn't normally do, to push beyond what's comfortable, that's a good thing.

So I hope you guys will get involved and try some of these challenges too. It really is one of the things I love most about scrapbooking, the community, the sharing of idea, and the comfort in knowing you are not the only mad one about this hobby. So come on over and check out this fortnight's challenge - Sewing. Give it a go and show us your stuff!

I am off now to whip up a birthday card, wrap present, iron party dress, you know the drill and to organise the rest of us to go to the rugby.
Hope you are having a happy Saturday like me.

Have a blessed day