Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbows and Project Life

We are having a huge week with so much going on, four birthday's this weekend alone, none of them our's but those we need to attend. Liv's is next week and I have so very much to do. I was going to have a quiet night last night and get some things done but we ended up spending most of the night in the ER with the baby. She's ok. I am relieved.

So I made Liv's invites for the Rainbow party, they are pretty ordinary really, I wanted to fancy them up a bit but that wasn't what she wanted so I just went with it.

I also wanted to share my Project Life...


I love this week, even though we were unwell, hence the child asleep in her apples, we still had things to record even if it was a birthday party we missed etc. The girls particularly love looking at the denist photos. The block I have left blank with the name Janet is for someone important to us that passed away, I haven't quite felt ready to journal about yet, but I will.

I must go and play catch up now!
Have a blessed day


  1. LOVE your rainbow invites so stinkin' cute!! I love that she labeled who each was to:) I also love all of the extras you include in your PL pages...they are really adorable..thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your style! Great pages :)