Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life Share

So at this crop in the weekend I realised the way I talk about Project Life sometimes makes me sound like a crazy person. The ladies were very gracious and assured me I was just "passionate" hehe! But really after listening to myself I am really really into it, like in a trying to convert the masses way. I hope my enthusiasm is catching because I really want some other addicts, I mean scrapbooking friends to get on board. I mean some real life friends, not that you guys aren't great, because we both know you are, but you know someone I can bounce things off over the craft table. Anyways I digress...

I have a few weeks of PL to share, I am keeping up fine but I am still playing catch up with my posting..

Excuse the gap where the snow books picture is going to go, as soon as we made them, one went to kinder and one went to school and they are yet to make their way home again. My favourite for this week is of course the snow ones... fabulous fun.


And this is the following week...


I have two favourites for this week, the first is the football one in the middle of the second page, I enjoyed this because I don't do that much stuff about my husband and it was great to include it. The second fave is the pocket with the pixelated photo of my daughter with her friends at the school disco. You can't see but you would never believe it out of the three girls, the one who stood their not smiling but eating her chips was my daughter, the scrapbookers daughter, unbelievable! I loved this one because these are kind of things I wish I had pictures of from when I was little.

I must get moving now as I have a birthday card to finish for a party tomorrow and Liv's birthday invites to finish up.
Have a fab night

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