Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Life - 3 weeks in one post deal

I'm posting several Project Life weeks this week. I am enjoying PL a ridiculous amount! 
It is so suited to my chaotic lifestyle right now.

Week of 7th May

I loved how this week turned out, I think my favourite part was the playdate one from the first page and maybe the story one from the second page. I love my cameo and am using it for so many PL related things (on this spread I used it on the May title, the arrow filler and the story journal spot). Is anyone else finding the vertical inserts are sliding out of the pockets? At this point I am stapling them in to hold them but if anyone has any bright ideas let me know.

Close up's below:

Week of 14th May

I decided to try a page with the 6x6 pockets for this week and I really liked it, I didn't think I was going to but it really did work for some of the things I wanted to cover. It just gave me a bit more room.


  My favourite this week was the Friday cross country run, I managed to get a pic of my daughter and of her friends and then her 5th place ticket in the little folder (this would normally have gotten lost in the pile of "must keeps"). It still gives me such a thrill when I have it in and done. It's so nice for the children too, they have been able to show friends and family what they have been doing lately, not six months down the road when Mum gets around to scrapbooking it.

Week of 21st May

And my last share for this week, I'm going to be caught up posting in no time as this rate!
 I used my cameo a heap this week, I swear I use that thing like it's my job. I am so happy that I love it as much as I do, I wanted one for so long.

My favourite for this week is the dinosaur art one, the box-o-saurus from Kinder. Sometimes being the geeky parent that brings her camera in is worth it.


If you have noticed the pocket each week that has been numbered week one etc, that is a challenge I'm taking part in that runs for nine weeks, it's been great to document that, something I would not normally do.

I hope you are all having a fab day, it's just me and GG today, the big's have gone to my parents for a few days since it's the holidays and it's glorious! I am still a bit sick but I am actually getting a little rest. The house is so quiet and I am really enjoying being able to finish a thought and go to the bathroom without an interruption, I know you're jealous!

Hope the sun is shining where you are

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