Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quickie Kiddie Cards

I have had a plethora of children's birthday parties going on and I can honestly say I'm getting a little burnt out of making kiddie cards. I usually love it but like anything, if you do it too much you get over it. We had four birthday's in the weekend and I remembered to take pictures of two cards, it was almost none, hence the very average photos. The time I was going to spend taking pictures of the cards was spent running around the neighbourhood after a bunny that kept going on the road.

 I apologise for the super crappy lighting, that's what we get last minute. So I bought this huge A2 sheet of silver paper to make star's from when Liv's class did their learning celebration and I thought their was no way I would ever use it. Well wouldn't you know it I used it on both of these cards for the name plate. I did both of these on the Cameo and the Tiara was super fast, I am seriously going to cut some of them and have them ready to go.

Anyways, in case you didn't get over my bad lighting, something to cheer you up...

Adorable isn't he, now you can see why I was out trying to keep him out of traffic.
Have a great day

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