Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I always forget...

The reason you see so few cards shared on my blog lately is because I always remember right after I post it, that I should share it. I have a problem with posting, not the making, not the addressing, just the actual leaving the house to post the card part. Ridiculous when I go past a post box on my way to and from school. But I do. So if by chance I make it to the postbox, damn it the card is going in, even if I would so love to share it because who knows when I'll make it back. Unfortunately some of my favourites I forgot to photograph and now they are gone which is good because that is after all the purpose, but now I can't remember them.

Man I go on... anyways, I made this card for Piradee who very kindly send me some lovely washi tape and I wanted to say thanks you're awesome back to her.

Super easy card using my Amy Tangerine 6x6 sketchbook pad, I've really enjoyed that line and they are so not my normal colours. Really loving my new AC Roxie Shoreline stamps, I have used them a heap already.

I love how they have the outline and the solid, I think they're really good value.

I saw a fab card that Kimber McGray did over at 2peas for the Saturday Sketch Challenge and thought I would give it a go. Mine is pretty  much a duplicate of her's using different products. I really wanted to try her envelope look and I had a few of these glassine envelopes laying around.

It was actually really easy and I think it turned out cute, we have a ton of children's birthday's coming up so it will definately get used.

Have a great day guys,

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