Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soup labels for me!

I've been using my Silhouette so much lately, on pretty much every page which is awesome. This little machine can do so much stuff, I haven't a clue how much of it works. I have however always wanted to try out the Print and Cut feature.

For the non-silhouette owners - some files you can purchase from the store are printable images, and the silhouette allows you to print them with your printer and it adds this little registration marks when it prints and then you pop it in the silhouette and it cuts them out. Just like magic.

My printer is a little crappy and not something I am planning on replacing any time soon so I reluctantly purchased some ink for it, I do really like it for typing my journalling etc but it's not great for images.

Oh one of the other big motivating factors for me to give it a go was the store had Jillibean Soup soup labels that you can print and cut yourself. I love these labels as Jillibean uses a lot of colours I like but they are not easy to come by in NZ. So now I can just make my own!

So here they go! This is how they looked on the mat still stuck down, I didn't realise they had tiny holes on the ends that it cut, they are so small.

This is them once I peeled them off. I am really happy with how they turned out. I do need to look into what type of paper works best for them. This however may be a lost cause because of my printer being crappy, but I really need to wait until it totally dies till I invest in another.

So now I have myself some Jillibean labels and didn't have to pay any international shipping for them and I can print them over and over and over, brilliant for my Project Life. I'm a happy girl.

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