Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy news...

Happy Saturday Morning!

Woohoo, I must say I love Saturday morning now sport has finished, no rushing around trying to get the hair plaited, the football boots sorted and the crazy mayhem that ensues. Although the children are all up early the pressure is off for now.

I have some big news to share...

I applied for the Challenge Me Happy design team and they picked me, Me! I know! I am so thrilled. I have wanted to get more involved again and  this is perfect for me. I love challenges. I have been scrapbooking a looong time now and challenges are what keeps me going. Let's face it, they are just plain good for you. To do things you wouldn't normally do, to push beyond what's comfortable, that's a good thing.

So I hope you guys will get involved and try some of these challenges too. It really is one of the things I love most about scrapbooking, the community, the sharing of idea, and the comfort in knowing you are not the only mad one about this hobby. So come on over and check out this fortnight's challenge - Sewing. Give it a go and show us your stuff!

I am off now to whip up a birthday card, wrap present, iron party dress, you know the drill and to organise the rest of us to go to the rugby.
Hope you are having a happy Saturday like me.

Have a blessed day


  1. Spotted that news this morning and congratulations to you. :)

  2. AWESOME NEWS! The design team are blessed to have a talented lady like you on board.

  3. Congratulations. Love your style. I am looking forward to seeing your creations as part of the design team.