Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PL Update

Morning morning Project Lifers, it's 11.16 am so technically still morning.

I completely lost a day being unwell yesterday and I was sitting here and gasped when I realised it was PL day and I hadn't done anything yet. Well I'd done my pages but had my Olympic pocket to finish off. I had purchased the Olympic rings cut from the Silhouette store which was great but I was attempting to do it way way way too small and I just couldn't get it to go together and look right. So instead of weeks ago giving up and moving on, in true Hayley style I just kept trying it every few days until now I seriously don't like the Olympics rings anymore.

Then I had a stamping disaster! But hey it is done!
Here is the spread:

And the closeups:

On this page I need to give a couple of acknowledgements ..... that cool little chevron filler that says Twenty Twelve on it is from And the beautiful arty printable in the bottom left corner is so not done by me, it is from I have used Bobbi's work before and it is awesome. If either of these printables interest you be sure to pop on over and get yourself one.

Back to laundry...

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