Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Challenge Me Happy #30

Hey everyone!

First I have to apologise, my first challenge for Challenge me Happy and here I am posting about it a few days late. It was up on the Challenge blog on time but not up here.

I do however have a pretty good excuse. I've had Mastitis.... I'm pausing for you all to go awww poor you and for all of you that have had it, are probably crossing your arms in that protective way and counting your lucky stars that you are not me right now. Let me just say things have been pretty ugly town around here. I've been pretty ill but now I'm on the road to recovery, thank goodness for antibiotics.

Enough of the boring sicky sicky talk.. on to the Challenge.
I was so excited! The Challenge is to make a layout using handmade embellishments. At first I was like huh, I don't use a whole heap of embellishments, what will I do here. But that is the whole point isn't it.... the whole challenge thing.

I had been wanting to do this page for a while as we have so many memories of our trip to Indonesia and I really want to get some more done before we go again next year. I am enjoying the whole polaroid thing that has been popular although I haven't done it a lot, I like the look even if your pictures aren't all the same size. I made the little flags with some toothpicks and handy dandy washi tape, they are so easy, I made a bunch extra and just left the ends square so when I add it to the layout I can decide on the shape of the flag.  

I had cut this chevron circle out a while ago and it had been floating around my desk and it ending up working well for the layering of my little frame. I made the ruffle by cutting a strip of newsprint tissue paper and then sewing along the middle with my sewing machine, once you have finished sewing just pull the thread at one end and it all kind of crumples up. The frame is using the Amy Tangerine stamps (thanks Bee!) 

These little embellishments were super easy too, using the same sized strips as the ruffle, I just pleated it around in a circle and then did the same with the washi, it is so easy to do with the washi because once you have folded it sticks to itself.

Just edited to add the papers I used in this collection are from the Everyday Eclectic Range by Echo Park.

So that's my first Challenge done and dusted! Now it's your turn to come on over and get involved. You can pop over and check out the details of the Challenge here. Come and show me what you've got!

Have a blessed day

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  1. Sorry to hear you were unwell, and as someone who knows what its like, I'm sure you will be very much forgiven for posting on your blog late!!
    Now on to that LO.... AMAZING! Totally loving it all.. The embellishments, the tapes, all those photos! WOW!