Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Life update ....

Well it's a rainy gloomy day in Christchurch today... a perfect day for baking and blogging and crafting. Sounds a little ambitious so I will start with the blogging. Sophia is laying on the couch after a night of being unwell so I better type quick.

I have a couple of weeks of Project Life to share...



I was trying this week to include some more variety, it's so easy to just fill it with the photos of the girls which is lovely, but sometimes it's more valuable to add info even if there is no photo. I included a  pocket with info about the football and about jamie's tv shows. On the left side there is actually only one pocket with a photo but lots of stories.

My favourite for this week is the kid stamping pocket... I just like how it turned out.
The word art in the top right pocket is a free printable from, Bobbi has some awesome items that she shares so go check her out! Thanks Bobbi.

On to the next week:


One of the great benefits with Project Life is the ability to use up a lot of scraps, I am a scrap collector at the best of times.
I mean it's pretty bad, friends will actually take a scrap back out of the bin in the middle of the table and say, oh you probably want that, and yes I do. But in my defense I do use them, I have always loved the look of mixed patterned papers and I am having a lot of fun using up even my smallest scraps in PL.

The other part I'm really enjoying is using up some super old stuff, it really gives me a thrill. The coffee title and the playtime title are both rubons from 2008/2009. I mean firstly I should get points for using rubons and then the rubons should get some points for still working after all this time.
Honestly I still like those items now and it feels so good to put them to work.

 The Lego stickers in the middle pocket are so old, but they don't have a date on them, I bought so many of that style, they were Sonnets, produced my Creative Imaginations... anyone else remember them?

Anyways, my favourite for this week are the two pockets along the bottom of this page... with GG at the crop. That baby is awesome.

I'm off to see what else I can get done before Sophia wakes up.

Have a blessed day


  1. I love how creative you get with your project life! Wow!! And thanks for the shout out for my printable!

  2. Your pages are fun! Love all the little details. And I think I see some Strawberry Shortcake dolls. My girls love those.

  3. Love your pages! So cute - i like that Saturday cut out I have that file on my silhouette and haven't used it yet - I will now!

  4. I ♥ stuff from Bobbi, too and I ♥ how you incorporated that into your PLife spreads.