Friday, August 10, 2012

A little behind....

You know the things that make me behind on projects are never big epic things, they are things like, the other week I went in to get my photos printed and somehow I managed to muck them up.
Things have been a bit hectic lately and I dunno what I did but a whole bunch of photos had been resized so small I couldn't even print them.

Then sick children and a postponed birthday party got in the way... so I am here and a little behind. But with the birthday all done yesterday I was so happy to get that one pocket finished on this page so I could share it. So here we go....


One of my favourites for this week is the football related one in the second pocket down, I'm trying hard to remember to include things about the husband.

My other favourite for this week was the middle pocket. I used a super old piece of printed acetate (I placed a white piece of paper behind for photographic purposes) I love how it looks.

Thanks for coming by, I'm hoping to get another one up tomorrow.
Have a blessed day people,

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  1. Hayley! It is Kelly from Two Peas. So glad to see you are crafting away. You did a lovely job on these pages. the variety of pp and embellies makes it fun. great work and have a nice weekend!