Thursday, June 12, 2014

Polka Dot Party I think I love you

Ok so we all know that my first love is Fifth and Frolic but you know what,  Polka Dot Party really is equal to that line or maybe dare I say it even a touch better. gasp! I know!
The best bit is, they work fabulously together and can be totally interchanged. I kinda like the Polka Dot Party has that touch of bright pink and that vibrant lemony colour to change it up some.

I did these pages a little while back for page kits... but that's all done and dusted so thought I should add them on here, in case you have some Polka Dot Party you are having trouble using.. like that would ever happen! If it does happen, easy answer, send it to me!

Note: I wouldn't normally have pages without any journaling,  that was purely because they were for kits, they will be finished off before going in the album.

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