Friday, June 13, 2014

I heart scrapbooking

What a week it has been! Seriously over the cold.. seriously over the children having colds and definately over the husband having one. Oh and my kitchen has just been pulled apart because of a massive leak in the wall... great week huh.  I haven't been able to go and do some things I really wanted to do this week and that always makes me cranky but you know what .... there is some sunshine.

This week in two of the challenge blogs I like to participate in, I was acknowledged. I was picked top 3 at LPS and at CSI I was selected in Most Wanted. It was just the kind of pick me up I needed.
I really love to participate in challenges because when you have been scrapbooking forever it's nice to get a push to change it up here and there and with local get togethers dwindling more and more I rely on the internet to give me a greater scrapbooking community.
So that's it really, in my long dreary week, thank you my wonderful hobby and community for giving me what felt like a big hug. I needed it and I appreciate it.

Love Hayley


  1. Hi there! Haven't visited in a while but glad to see you are still at it. I really like that circle lo you did. That was very cool. Nice work! Feel better and enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Hi Kelly! Great to see you. Yes still crafting away. Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope you are doing well.