Monday, June 16, 2014

Project Life Share

Hi scrapbookers!

I know you saw the title right..... Project Life..... I know.

So... I know you are not supposed to start sentences with so but it's my blog. So.... I haven't really been sharing my PL for two reasons.... the first one is laziness... I sometimes have gaps and don't want to share those until they're done... I have been infrequent at working on it this year and so I don't have it up to date regularly..... oh there are so many reasons.

One of the main ones is that I have really simplified this year... I mean really simplified and I kinda think who would want to see it. But apparently you do, because I have had messages asking me. So yes I am still doing it and enjoying it but I am not as obsessed as I was last year. I'm kind of obsessed with 12x12 at the moment. So I promise to share sporadically with no apologies for the gaps. If you are looking for some PL inspiration, pop over to the mom creative Jessica has an awesome link up for PL... if you get stuck down that rabbit hole however, I take no responsibility. Get coffee first.

Have a fab day

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