Friday, June 20, 2014

CSI Case File S365-6

Hi crafters!

CSI did a bonus case file this month which I was so pleased about because I have done the other challenges the day they go up and then I'm waiting waiting for the next one. I like them that much!

So here are the details of the case file...

and here is my page.... I didn't have anything in that exact peach shade but worked with what I had.

I made this page about Liv and her love/need to run.

Journaling: This has always been one of my very favourite pictures of you. It's a little blurry because you are running, but I just love it. You have always been super active and would run to the gate to race me or race Scholes (our cat). I had no idea at this point that later on you would be so good at running, at this point I knew you just had to and look how happy it made you.

For the evidence, I used numbers (Ephemera card), a bow, twine and gold.
For the testimony, I used a frame for my story.

Thanks for coming by....
I hope you are having a crafty day

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