Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to school today....

Phew! The school holidays are over.
I do like my children honest, it's not them, it's me and it's the lack of routine. It does me in. I try and be all laidback but it's just not me, that's the husband's job. So this morning as I did the school and kindergarten run, I noticed lots of parents frantic and disorganised and here I was in my element, totally calm and relaxed. As I pulled in my driveway I exhaled, everyone was where they needed to be, on time, with everything they require. I feel like I've already achieved something today!

So it's just me and the baby at home and wow is it quiet. It's lovely.

So anyways on to crafty stuff...

I've been trying to work my way through some older photos, not really old ones, just ones that I got printed then didn't really bother about. Some have a story, some don't. I am reluctant to scrapbook without a story. I will do it, I'm just not always happy with the result. I'm also challenging myself to use up some older products, so you will see some old bits and pieces on my pages. I am totally thrilled when I can do this and make it work.

So the first page....

I have wanted to do this photo for a while, my husband Jamie is so laidback we joke he's barely moving! He is patient and relaxed and kind with our girls and just a great Dad. I wanted to use up some of this Odds and Ends 6x6 pad from Cosmo Cricket. I am finding using my new Silhouette Cameo is breathing life into some items I am not excited about anymore. I don't have to love every page, but I am content with it.

Do you see that Making Memories paper clip? That thing is super old. Thrilling!

Ok, second page...

So now that my new baby GG is 4 months old I am realising that I have photos of Sophia (my second daughter) at the same age and you guessed it, I haven't scrapbooked them. So I don't get confused with the photos, because it does look like I photocopy my children, they are so similar as babies, I thought I better get them done. So no journalling here, just a lovely baby.

Unlike the Odds and Ends pad, I have had no trouble using up this MME Love me 6x6. I adore it. I am really fond of grey. I did sneak in the odd old item... the Making Memries brads and the Martha Stewart felt flowers. I may use this one as the title page to her baby album since I didn't include any journalling.

So now that I've blogged I feel like I have achieved again. On a roll here.
Must do housework now..
Hope the sun is shining wherever you are

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  1. I LUV this page. how did you attach the ribbon line to the page? Thanx