Monday, October 7, 2013

The computer is working and so am I....

Hi guys!

Just wanting to share a couple of pages I haven't uploaded yet, which let's face it, is most of them... I have a terrible system... correction... no system to know what I have posted and where. Anyone have any ideas on this... please share.

If I double post anything... just pretend you didn't notice.. thanks.

So a few layouts...

I loved this polariod watercolour paper from Crate Paper DIY shop it is a favourite and  those frames from The Pier collection are just awesome and you get so many I had to start using them. I had a lot of photots from Gabriella's baptism printed small and I just love this. I love pages about the little details lately.

This page is about how I refuse to call Sophia the middle child, I call her the butter in our sandwich which is exactly what she is. Mostly Dear Lizzy here.

Another page kinda story heavy about Sophia and her attachment to Miss Adi (the bear).

Better go and deal with the chicken pox people, one healthy, two to go.
Will try and get some more up tomorrow and get rid of this backlog of stuff. Yeah right.

Have a blessed day

P.S. Hi Tammy!

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