Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NSD extended...

I really wanted to participate in NSD this year. I didn't know of any crops happening and in reality I couldn't be gone all day with breastfeeding the baby anyways. But I really wanted to get involved. I figured Two Peas would have something going, I do find being in a different time zone a little tricky for these things, especially things like chats etc. But the list of challenges was great.

Then I started receiving email challenges from Big Picture and their challenges were awesome too! Then I heard Studio Calico's challenges were interesting so I popped over there. Can we all say Overwhelmed! Overwhelmed with goodness though. So I did the logical thing and thought well which one closes first, that's how I'll do it. So Big Pictures closed on the Sunday so I got two layouts done for there. I could have done a bunch more if I had a little more time. Studio Calico and Two Peas did allow more time which is awesome.

So enough blabbing on...

I did this page for Challenge #2 at Big Picture, it's a challenge from Ali Edwards - Grab a photo from a few years back and a photo from today and tell a story about the way things are different or the same. 

This is a page I have wanted to do for a long time and it fitted the challenge perfectly. 

And for Challenge #7 - Create a layout using three colors that are found next to each other on the color wheel. I must say too that uploading for a challenge at Big Picture is super easy - I really liked that.

I haven't posted to any of the other challenges yet but I will share my layouts when I do.
Hope your having a fab day

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