Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lost in the wonder

Hi guys

Because the weather is awful and gloomy and drab.... you get the idea.. I'm having a hard time taking pictures of my pages so this morning I will share a page I have already taken a pic of.. it isn't part of my collection cleanup we will resume that later on if it brightens up ever. I do know you shouldn't start sentences with because, just saying before my english teacher friends come and let me know.

So this is a page I did with Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party Collection, this collection and Fifth and Frolic are my all time favourites, because they are delicate and gorgeous and I could make a million pages with them.

You know what I love, doing the journaling around the border like that. So often I end up with this boxy journaling but I love how this just blends into the page. This picture is of my daughter Sophia, collecting treasures and carefully carrying them around in her sunhat, you know instead of wearing it. We live in NZ you need to be wearing that hat seriously. Just letting her be a kid.

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