Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poor neglected blog...

I was hoping to wait a while longer little blog before I started neglecting you... my enthusiasm has not gone, I am just struggling to find time where there is none. I am so very busy but don't have a heap to show for it. I have filled a bunch of orders and custom items but since they are for customers I won't put them up on here, so it looks like I have been lazing about when that is far from the case. A couple of things I can share are some journals/mini albums I have been doing. I had some orders for these and just made a few more for the shop.

Also we had a fab weekend, friends over for the day Saturday BBQing etc, and then went to the Groynes with a dear friend and her children on Sunday, so technically I have been lazing about, but it's summer and life is for living, not just scrapbooking.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I am soooo behind, I am never usually behind, when I used to design for the shop I always needed photos to work on, now because I'm crafting in so many different areas I have a huge pile. I'm a little excited about it though, it is my first love after all. Maybe after Christmas when we're on holiday I might get a little half day to myself where I can fall in love with it again. I so hope so.

No blog posts for ages and then I get here and you can't shut me up!
Anyways I will be back tomorrow with my December Daily Album because tomorrow is December eeek!

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  1. Hi Hayley! Yes, I know you have been busy and active. I really like the grey pad you did. They are all so lovely but that one speaks to me. Great job!